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Top Countries That Are Worth Investing In

When choosing a country to invest in, most developed countries such as European countries and the USA are less risky. Developing countries such as Asian and African countries are considered to be high-risk countries to place your money. However, using this criterion to identify the country to invest in is not the best. The best place to invest in is the emerging markets. The following are the best countries to invest in:

According to the World Bank, factors to consider when looking for a country to invest in our political stability, markets, favorable tax environment, skilled and innovative labor, natural resources and strategic assets.

According to US News, Uruguay is the top country to invest in 2019. Other countries at the top of the list are India, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, and Costa Rica. Although they dropped from last year’s ranking, countries such as Chile, Poland, Qatar, Vietnam, and Slovenia remain at the top of the most favorable investment countries.

Traditionally, some countries have been consistently offered a favorable investment platform over the years. They are:

  • Canada-It is the 9th biggest economy in the world with a 3.1% economic growth which gives it a massive potential for income generation and a favorable investing environment.
  • Hong Kong- The countries enjoy a highly-globalized economy, free market, effective bureaucracy, and low corruption. These factors are beneficial for the investment environment.
  • Ireland- With a globalized market in pharmaceuticals, financial markets, telecommunication and healthcare, Ireland offers a favorable investment opportunity in these industries.

When looking for a country to invest in, first you need to thoroughly understand the market in the industry you are investing in. Also, your competence in handling the challenges will help the businesses to identify the best investment opportunity.