Three Apps That Pay Money

By Shad H

If you spend a lot of time using your mobile device then dedicate a few hours to these apps and you will watch your bank balance increase in no time.

1.      Gigwalk

This app pays users for completing tasks within their community. However, unlike other apps on this list, this one may require you to step outside of your home and perform physical tasks. 

Different jobs have different rates. Payments are made to your PayPal account once the task is finished and approved by the client.

2.      IBOTTA

Essentially, this is a cashback app but with several other ways to earn money including:

You will get a signup bonus of $10. Most surveys pay between $5 and $10 and can take up to 1 hour to complete.

You can request payment via PayPal once you reach the minimum threshold. 

3.      Loot Lagoon

This app offers cash for taking part in online surveys. They have unlimited offers and surveys waiting for you to click and get busy with. Most surveys are short and pay about $1-$2 but you may also find some higher paying surveys on the platform.

Each survey is based on a product you choose. You need to hit the $30 mark in order to redeem your balance. You may either opt to be paid via PayPal or choose to get an Amazon gift card for the exact value. 


There are a lot of mobile apps that pay money for completing tasks, but a lot of them are spam or not worth it. We suggest you stick to these apps as they are reliable.