Fashionable Or Fashion Foot Pas: 40 Unreal Heels We Have Seen On The Market

By Dave

Now you have got an excellent reason to book yourself a pedicure! You will want to strut these shoes on the runway, or at the very least, on your commute to the office. With these incredible designs, you’re guaranteed to turn some heads or draw the flak of the crowd, and we don’t necessarily mean that in a good way.

But, you know what? The haters don’t matter. What matters is how you feel about yourself when you wear these shoes. A couple of inches to your height may be just what you need for a dose of added confidence. Enjoy the attention. Not everyone gets it.

But don’t say we didn’t warn you because some of these shoe designs are pretty unbelievable. It might be better to leave them on the shelf. And for your pleasure, we here at Be Fashionly hand-picked the most daring designs of them all.

Made From Pots And Pans

First, this designer took inspiration from a couple of chefs at an expensive restaurant. He noticed that they worked tirelessly and handled pots and pans with such grace. Do you know where else that grace can be channeled? Into footwear!

Image Courtesy of United Nude

Hotstuff coming through! This woman walked with her head held high and her core tight. Her shoulders were drawn back, and one foot stomped in front of the other. She walked with such an attitude it was hard to tell that these shoes were made from pots and pans.

Cause Cleaning Is Sexy

When asked what her favorite thing to clean was, Jennifer Lawrence said it was snooping through people’s stuff. You can only do that when cleaning beds and bathrooms, finding all sorts of things, and also when scrubbing the floor with these bad boys.

Image Courtesy of Lady Violette

Whoever said cleaning wasn’t sexy was clearly wrong. With the right shade of nail color, you can pair these incredible shoes with lingerie even. We’re confident your man will want to help around the house if that’s the case.

Going Oriental

We have had it with clogs and stilettos. So many women are wearing them that they look a dime a dozen. And ballet flats are just flat-out wrong. We need something different, something that will redefine women’s footwear like this.

Image courtesy of Trend Hunter

They had hand-sewn all those beads and embellishments. And with a heel in the front and back, you have little reason to trip on the floor. These shoes are as sturdy as they come, and they represent the rich Oriental culture.

Careful Now

Despite their beauty, these shoes scream an accident waiting to happen. While wearing them, you will have to shift your whole weight forward because that’s where all the support is. Just be careful not to trip over. Seeing all those sequins fall out of place would be a pity.

Image Courtesy of Ali Express

On second thought, we know who to give this pair of shoes to. Given their training, ballerinas can pirouette in these heels. And once they do, just imagine how striking these shoes will look, especially when they are reflecting off the light.

Give Me Five Plies

If you have ever considered studying ballet, then here is a good start for you. Ballerinas are expected to do barres every training session and then gradually move up to perform tendus, sautes, and even plies. Just five minutes of wearing these shoes can improve leg muscle tone!

Image Courtesy of Research Gate

With some practice, we are sure you will get that long, lean ballet body that everyone covets. The best part is that you have got heels to support you as you do your barres. Think of them as training wheels before using pointe shoes.

Down for A Slide

You’ve got to give it to this designer. He knows how to crack a joke. When asked by a fashion brand to design some shoes that would go well with a dress, he came up with this design. Slip your foot in and watch it go down the slide.

Image Courtesy of Cuded

You can buy these shoes in orange-red, purple, and green hues. We have heard that women are rushing to buy them in bulk. And more so because these are limited edition. How about it? Would you ever consider wearing a pair of these?

And Off She Goes

More and more designers are taking inspiration from childhood toys and memorabilia. We’ve seen shoes that were meant for ballerinas, teachers, and now, heels that are designed for pranksters. Who do you reckon the joke’s on when you wear these?

Image courtesy of Trend Hunter

Not to worry. The designer didn’t use elastic rubber for the straps. Those are made from genuine leather. You wouldn’t have to fret about your foot going past those heels and then hurling towards something or somebody. These are purely for design!

Freshly Plucked

With a sizeable amount of money, you can ask this designer to create a pair of heels for you. For these shoes, he had been asked to create ones with loads of feathers. He drew a rough sketch, presented it to the client, and then went straight to plucking.

Image courtesy of

These are perfect for people who want a little thrill in their lives. After all, these shoes are made to tickle your fancy. With every step, women stifle a giggle. They have to put on their A-game as they strut these feathers on the runway.

Dancing Queen

You can never be too young to dance to the beat. Abba’s hit song remains a staple to this day. Dancing Queen is the ultimate song to jive on when you’re having the time of your life. And with these shoes, who wouldn’t be in the mood for a dance?

Image Courtesy of Design Is This

Alternatively, you can wear these shoes when mimicking pop star Lady Gaga. Remember that time she came out of the pool wearing a mask of mirrors and platinum blonde hair? These shoes look like they’re taken out of Lady Gaga’s music video.

California Girls

Katy Perry said it right. California Girls are unforgettable. It’s hard to shake off the image of their sun-kissed skin and bikinis on top. Oh, and don’t get us started on their gorgeous mane of hair and these kinds of shoes. They can strut these on the sandy beaches of California any day!

Image Courtesy of

Isn’t it eye candy? It’s every Barbie girl’s wish, slipping their feet in these 5-inch clogs and opening the front door for Ken. You could also host a party in this glittery footwear. We’re sure you will never run out of things to say with this conversation starter.

Beware Of Flamingos

After ending a relationship, this woman thought to revamp. She cut and dyed her hair to taste. Then she threw out old clothes and apparel and bought brightly-colored items and footwear such as this. She was tired of feeling sorry for herself…

Image courtesy of

She wanted to tell the world that she was up for a good time. What better way to signify that than to use a pair of flamingos for heels? She didn’t want to place a couple of these plastic ornaments out front. These were subtle enough to do the job.

Sexy Play

For sure, slingback heels are one of the sexiest items you could own as a woman. Those thin straps tied front to back are the perfect kink for someone who likes to have fun. It also begs the question, “Just how do women manage to walk in those heels?”

Image courtesy of Ali Express

If you want a little customization, then this designer can hand glue a couple of trinkets onto the sides of the shoe. Every trinket’s bright colors stand out against the somber shade of black. You may choose your own trinkets or have him pick them out based on the theme.

Locked And Loaded

These shoes are a masterpiece on their own. Inspired by gun-slinging cowboys and the wild west, this designer sewed bits of calf-hair leather to form a shoe pocket. Then, she placed a pair of metal guns as heels. Giddy up, cowgirl, we’re going for a ride!

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme

Given their timeless beauty, it’s better that you pair these heels with short dresses and thigh-high skirts. That should make your legs look longer and bring emphasis to these hooves. And in case you hear anyone snicker, just lower your head, and raise those hindquarters.

Every Engineer’s Heels

Engineering doesn’t only concern the strength and durability of infrastructure. The best engineering designs are visually aesthetic. If you choose the right proportions and use elements such as light and shade, then you can come up with a beauty such as this.

Image courtesy of Art Majeur

You can wear these timeless heels to a social event or to work. Your feet will thank you for it. Rest assured, these heels feel cool and light. Given these materials, expect to place these heels in a treasured collection for decades.

In Love With Them

It’s Friday night, and you’re looking for a bit of fun in the club with your friends. You wear a tight red dress, get your hair done, and then tiptoe over to look at yourself in the mirror. You’re nearly perfect until you slip these on.

Image Courtesy of Second Life

With this cute design, who wouldn’t fall in love with them? It’s got everything a woman would ever want in heels – glitter, the color red, and some extra oomph to get her and her friends jiving on the dance floor. And she’s sure she can walk home in them safely, right?

Not The London Bridge

This designer was inspired by Oriental culture and design. He took inspiration from the geometric shapes of Thailand and the sturdiness of Chinese architecture. The end result? These pair of shoes that sure aren’t London Bridge. You won’t be falling down in them.

Image courtesy of Nomadic Dec

If these heels don’t draw everyone’s attention, then the sound of them hitting the floor will. They’re made of chunks of wood, and you might find your calves sore after wearing them. But given their aesthetic simplicity, you can push through the pain just to look glam.

Break In Case Of Halloween

In case you find yourself out of ideas for a Halloween costume, fret no more. Just wear a simple black dress and a lace choker, and then slip on these high heels. Carry your basket and ring the buzzer. When house owners choose to ask for a trick, break these.

Image courtesy of Trend Hunter

Watch them scramble out of fright or slam the front door in your face. We wouldn’t suggest that you give them a scare before handing them some treats. So, it’s better to hoist that pumpkin basket before saying trick or treat!

Harley Quinn Would Approve

Harley Quinn was a promising psychologist who interned at the Arkham Asylum. She had gained the trust of a few clients but became obsessed with one of them, Joker, who she helped escape. After going crazy, she adopted bright colors and smudged lipstick.

Image Courtesy of Brightside Me

Now, these are heels Harley Quinn would approve of. Made of bright red colors and a nearly comical look, these shoes would go well with Harley’s dyed pigtails, short shorts, and a graphic top. She can sport them with white socks or red and black leggings.

Fresh Catch

If you’re planning to give someone a new pair of slippers, then we suggest you give them this. It’s a fresh catch, taken from the sea and hauled on the ship. You won’t get a fresher set of fins like this anywhere else.

Image Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Its gills are bright pink and glossy. Although, it just might be the manicure doing the trick. You needn’t worry about the smell of ocean water. We had gotten rid of the innards, and we had salted it to taste. This should last you a lifetime.

Gravitational Pull

We haven’t felt such a strong pull to these pair of shoes. It’s like any other. The moment we laid sight on it, we felt drawn to it. Somehow, we found ourselves reaching past the shelves and clasping the end of this cosmic beauty.

Image courtesy of Ceiling Fan

Funnily enough, people encircled us to look closely at the shoes we had on. It was as if we were the center of the universe, and everyone revolved around us. They kept asking where we had gotten it. We told them we’d show them the milky way to find it.

Made For Every Princess

These heels are made for a princess. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tomcat or you’re a Disney darling waiting for her Prince Charming, then these shoes are meant for you. You can even run in them, in case you choose to do your own saving from a fearsome dragon.

Image Courtesy of Metro Co UK

This is it. This is the glass shoe that you have been dying to try on. And luckily for you, it comes with a Prince Charming. Now, you can bid your evil stepsisters farewell from the carriage, and set your sights on a new beginning with the love of your life.

Lots Of Kinks

Of all the shoes on this list, this one is the most confusing. It’s a hybrid of Marilyn Manson’s kinks, hard metal, and rabid canines. These shoes aren’t just made to shock and awe. It’s giving women a run for their money.

Image Courtesy of Cita Beille

You can’t afford to trip on these heels. Do so, and you might just want to book yourself a trip to the hospital. It’s not the spikes that scare us. It’s that dog’s mouth that’s giving us the heebie-jeebies. Who doesn’t hate shots!

A DIY Project

When you’re a fashion designer, you have to go with your gut feeling. It’s a one-in-a-million chance that this creation will be your life’s masterpiece. But don’t be too hard on yourself in case you don’t make it. There are some ideas that aren’t made to be chased.

Image Courtesy of Iran Cartoon

Sold for $300, this shoe has caught the flak of many netizens. Bet you can recreate the look with a couple of materials at the dollar store. And the best part is that you can make hundreds of them perfect for your size.

Oink Oink

We love and hate this shoe design. We love that it is simple and made of rose-pink synthetic materials that can withstand rainwater and mud. We love the fact that it’s only two inches high, so it’s comfortable and cool to wear. But we hate that they look like pig trotters.

Image Courtesy of Cita Beille

Oink oink, she snorted as she walked into the room. She brought in with her this earthy, rotten smell, like it was half-muck and the smell of decaying wood. Oink oink, she said again as her short tail smoothed the skimpy dress down.

Perfect For Winter

It’s very important to wear layers of clothing during winter. You’ve got to keep yourself warm and comfortable. And as for shoes, stick to boots that can help lock in heat and keep out moisture. Try snow boots or these makeshift cleats.

Image Courtesy of

Now you won’t have to shovel snow off your lawn. Those heels will dig into ice to keep you from slipping and falling on the floor. Did we mention that you wouldn’t lose your footing in the thick snow? This is your best bet for the harsh cold!

Design Your Own

Why do designers love creating heels? Just like you, these things are a tool for self-expression. Sometimes they purposefully create heels of shocking heights to appall you. And sometimes they create these works of art that appeal to people’s interests.

Image Courtesy of India Today

Made with several Lego sets, these heels would draw the attention of avid fans. Are there any interesting mechanics – rotating engines, coursing trains, moving wheelies, or gears? Fans take a close look. Not to mention, the colors used are visually striking.

Just Squiggles

What are the dos and don’ts of wearing high heels? Doctors suggest that you shouldn’t wear high heels for long periods of time. Three inches or more are bound to kill you, even if they are made of vegan pasta.

Image courtesy of

At first glance, these heels look harmless. But look at the arch of her foot. She’s nearly stepping on her toes. That thick mass of spaghetti and that glass bowl are the two things that help balance her weight. This is an excellent time to pass up on carbs.

Beats Most Building Designs

Whoever designed this pair of shoes would fare better designing most of our city’s buildings. These heels are an engineering feat – not only because they allow the wearer stability and balance but also because of their beauty and complexity. Now, these heels are to die for!

Image Courtesy of hive modern

Your foot lays suspended in tightly wound ropes that are coursed through different pins and nails. Not to worry. The soles are made of leather, so you can comfortably wear these shoes. But if it were us, we would leave these shoes only as a display.

Through The Teeth

You shouldn’t believe everything you see. Just because women live lavish lifestyles doesn’t mean that it’s easy. And just because women can walk in heels means that you should wear them on a work shift. Fashion designers will say anything through the teeth…

Image courtesy of

…to make you buy their products. Of course, reason would tell you how horrendous these shoes look. But you might want to buy an overpriced pair if you saw Kim K, Kendall, or Kylie wearing them to the Oscars.

Swings Both Ways

This is one of the most unreal shoes we have ever seen. It won’t draw the attention of people you’ll walk past. But it’ll draw the gasp and shock of those trailing you. Just how does she manage to walk backward so effortlessly?

Image courtesy of

They cock their head and try to make sense of you walking backward. How does she walk on bent knees? Why isn’t she writhing in pain if those are fractured? Trust us. You will leave jaws slack as you leave them in your trail.

Life In The Tropics

They say that the Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend. And we agree. If you’re living somewhere near the equator, this fashion style is more of a must than a fad. Breathable fabrics, neutral and retro patterns, and warm shades go best with these heels.

Image Courtesy of Shoe Bakery

These also complement loose, flowy dresses that end just at the knees. You can accessorize it with bold bangles, leather handbags, and even crystal pendants. Before heading out, remember to bring an umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat! Your skin will thank you for it later.

Don’t Leave These Peels

Someone has got to say it. Don’t leave this pair of shoes lying around. Someone might walk past and slip on them. Make sure to place them by the side of the door, or better yet, put them in the box you bought them in.

Image courtesy of Dezeen

There is little guarantee that your foot will smell fruity fresh after a whole day of wearing them. But with those one-inch heels, we’re sure your feet won’t kill you as wearing stilettos. Plus, these banana heels are guaranteed to draw the attention of everyone!

Effortless Cleaning

Had it only been a minute ago when the clock told us it was three pm? We haul ourselves out of the couch and walk towards the closet. We flick on the switch, get ourselves a bucket of soapy water, and then wear this on. We tie the laces tightly.

Image Courtesy of Med Co Supplies

We hate cleaning so badly we would do anything to skip it. But someone has got to clean the house. We dip one foot in the bucket, whisk it in the air, and then stomp it on the floor. Then we shift our weight and slide it to and fro.

Just My Luck

This shoe is giving us the 80s vibe. You wait for the bell to ring and then rush out of class to your locker. After dumping all your books, you scram towards the parking lot, where you uneventfully step on a wad of gum.

Image courtesy of CNN

You can feel the gunk like an anchor in the pavement. You grind your heels and hear the mush of saliva slide out of the gob. Ugh. Finally, you’re able to tear your foot from the pavement. But now, you’ve shrunk three inches smaller.

Can See Through Her

We have someone we work with who can’t seem to keep a secret. Every day she clocks in a minute before her shift, and we would be able to tell if she is happy, sad, or distressed. All you had to do was look at the state of her feet.

Image Courtesy of Trend Hunter

If those tails were set high and wagging, then you can tell that she was excited to man the desk. But if those tails were coiled up, then you had to straighten them out to hear the juiciest office gossip. It’s so easy to see through her!

Best Of Both Worlds

We love-hate sneakers. We love that they’re edgy and fun to wear. You can tie your laces to secure your shoes. But we hate that sneakers can get uncomfortably hot to wear. But thanks to this designer, that won’t be a problem anymore!

Image Courtesy of

Now, you have comfortable and breathable footwear to use in almost every social event. And you can lace these shoes up to secure the grip over your feet. These come in almost every color you can think of. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Under The Sea

Her friends had it right. The human world is a mess, and life under the sea is better than anything we have got up here. There are so many wonderful things that you would find on the ocean floor, stuff like these pair of heels!

Image Courtesy of Zebrahawk1 / Reddit

With these heels, you’re guaranteed a full-time of floatin’ under the sea. Those tentacles will adjust to balance your weight on the footpads and the heels. Not to mention, this perfectly showcases your feet. And if you’re on the run, these tentacles can help in your escape!

What A Chick

Only hot chicks are allowed to wear these set of heels. They’re comfortable, lush, and made of the stuff of your childhood memories. You can purchase these shoes on Amazon for a whopping $150-$500 because they are limited edition. Only chicks are allowed to strut Roy the Big Bird.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Of course, you must also have thick skin and deaf ears to endure the snide comments on the street. Most fashionistas would call this a fashion faux pas, but not for those who are kids at heart. Would you ever care to wear these to Sesame Street?

Once A Diver, Always A Diver

As if heels weren’t difficult enough to walk in, someone had to invent these atrocious shoes. These are made from plastic and rubber, so you can wear them in the rain or in the ocean, and you can travel half the length with fewer kicks.

Image Courtesy of News 24

If you had ever worn fins then you’d know that you either waddled sideways, or shuffled your weight to your heels. And if you’ve ever worn heels, then you would know that your weight would be shifted to the pads of your feet. Best bet? Use these in the ocean.

Boost of Confidence

Ever wanted to add a couple inches to your height but didn’t know how? Well, we’ve got the perfect set of shoes for you. You can wear it on without the world knowing that you’re using a set of heels. It looks very edgy too!

Image Courtesy of Make Zine

It’s the perfect mix of classy and new. The shoes or sandals are made from recycled jeans, so you need not worry about durability. And if you think that the clasps are too loose, then you can always wear a belt around your legs.