Stress Management

By Jonathan K

            Stress is a physical, mental, emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Stress could be internal or external. Stress is part of everyday life. It’s a natural reaction to change or adjustment. Stress occurs mostly in response to daily hassles such as traffic noise or inconsiderate people. In many cases, people with subdued stress tend to have Autismwhich can hinder communication and interaction for a lifetime.

          There are numerous ways to manage stress as an adolescent or an adult. Only five ways will be outlined here. First Identifying the source “Identifying stress source”  identifying the source of stress in your life is the first step on how to manage stress. To identify your true source of stress look closely at your attitude, habits, and excuses e.g Are you blaming people or events for your stress? If so then you have stress syndrome which needs management. The second step is “Body relaxation”. Body relaxation comes in different ways it could be through an adequate balanced diet (reduction of sugar and caffeine consumption) , avoiding abuse of drugs, taking your pet animal to walk, proper body workout, engaging in recreational activities and having adequate.

    Third stress management is by surrounding yourself with positive-minded persons. The fourth step is “Expressing genuinely how you feel”: This is one of the best ways of easing off stress by loving, forgiving people who have hurt your feelings. The fourth step is “Delegating responsibilities” You don’t always have to handle everything alone. If other people can handle involve them. The last step is “gratitude”.When stress is weighing you down take a moment to reflect on all things you appreciate in life. By doing so, Stress will no longer be a liability.

   Say no to stress today