This Photoshop Artist Will Edit Your Pictures However…

By Mary C

Meet James Fridman, a talented graphic designer hailing from London, UK. His photoshop skills are seriously impressive, but they’re not what made him so famous. It’s his unique sense of humor that allowed him to take his graphic design skills and use them as a tool to make people laugh, all while spreading a message of self-acceptance, love, and comradery. The best part? The results are absolutely hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that it set the internet aflame!

So, what’s James doing that managed to garner the attention of people half the world away? Simple: he takes photoshop requests and follows them in a very literal, but in a totally unexpected way, resulting in a seriously funny outcome. This simple word-play brought James worldwide recognition, so let’s start digging in! 

When Nothing Can Mess with Your Good Hair Day (Or can it!?)

This hilarious Photoshop request is one of our all-time favorites from James! This time, our talented artist was asked by this fledgling dude-bro to help him out with making the perfect picture to show off his new hair-style. The final result wasn’t what he expected!

All photos are by @jamesfridmanpage on Facebook or website

Who Ordered a Stretch for their Wedding?

We all want the perfect wedding picture. This couple asked James to take the car out of the picture and leave them with a classy background, although we’d wager that the bride wasn’t betting on such a lengthy solution!

Time to Level the Playing Field

Every photographer has to deal with height, but what do you do if the picture is already taken? These three gentlemen wanted nothing more than to be the same height in the picture. All we can say is that they are now neck-in-neck!

Is there Something in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Having a big screen smartphone is great, but they don’t fit in our pockets like they used to! This young man needed that phone taken out of the picture if he wanted to make a good impression. The result looks refreshing, indeed!

If You Need Something Done, Be Specific!

We’ve seen many pictures of people appearing to hold huge objects by standing at a specific distance and angle, but what do you do when you missed the shot? James did exactly as he was asked to, but remembered to keep things light-hearted with his signature sense of humor!

Keeping things Realistic

James was asked to help a poor fellow who forgot to take off his glasses for the picture. We understand, we really do. After all, some people do look better without their spectacles glued to their faces. However, we really don’t think this is what this guy was expecting…

When You Want to Make a Good Impression!

Many people like to make themselves look their best in pictures. But sometimes, people take it too far. Here, a young college graduate wanted to make his car look more expensive. Little did he know that James’s keen sense of humor would turn this into a treat for us all!

The Chicken Wings of an Angel!

The important thing to remember, especially when you’re asking James Fridman to come to your aid, is to be VERY specific with your request, otherwise, you might end up with a hilariously unexpected outcome! Truly, the wings of an angel…!

You Don’t Want them to Think You’re Proposing, Do You?

All this girl wanted was to fix the photo so that she didn’t appear to be asking someone else to spend the rest of his life with her. James came to her rescue, but we think she was hoping for less troubling outcome!

That Face Goes Really Well with that Body!

We don’t want to spend hours at the gym, working day after day until we finally get that six-pack! If you want to see yourself with the body of a Greek god, you can always just ask James to give you a little hand. But be warned, it might not be what you expect!

She Dared to Be Square

Listen up, there’s nothing wrong with the shape of your head. Need proof? See what happens when this beautiful lady asks James to make her face less round. He used his photoshop skills to make a very good point: you are beautiful as you are, and trying to change isn’t a good idea!

When You Want that Truly Epic Mountaintop Photo

What do you do when a lady in the background is making your extreme hike look a lot less epic than you’d hoped? You ask a photoshop artist to help you out. However, you have to remember to be very specific with your request!

The Fastest Way to Get a Summer Body

As summer gets closer, we all feel the pressure to work on ourselves and get in shape, especially if your wife or husband is lightyears ahead of you. This lazy husband didn’t want to do any heavy lifting, so he chose the easy way. Hey, that look works wonderfully for him!

Want to Be Rich? No Problem!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be rich. The problem is that when you ask someone who’s notorious for using word-play and irony in order to get a laugh, you might get more than what you bargained for. Or in this case, a little less…

He Wanted to Be Taller than His Dad, But Not Like THIS!

He Wanted to Be Taller than His Dad, But Not Like THIS!
It’s every boy’s dream to grow up and be as tall as their dad, and maybe even taller. This boy’s wishes were fulfilled, although we imagine his father might not completely agree with the outcome. After all, it’s missing a little body…

Remember to Close Your Eyes when You Kiss!

The picture was almost perfect. There’s only one problem: his girlfriend forgot to close her eyes. It sounds like an easy fix, right? For James, it absolutely is. He, of course, did it in his signature literal style that made him famous.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

This young lady mistakenly left a piece of plastic on her desk and promptly requested James to use his skills to remove it. The problem is, she didn’t tell him exactly which bit of plastic she wanted to be removed and he went for the most attention-grabbing plastic he could see.

Remember, Don’t Make an “Ass” of Yourself

There’s a lot more to beauty than the “right” body proportions. James has a habit of inserting this type of positive messaging into his works, and the result is absolutely hilarious. James was asked to add a little more “ass” to the photo, and it’s exactly what he did.

He Wanted to Look Cooler

Everyone wants to look cool in their pictures, right? Just remember to be careful what you wish for! This teenager wasn’t too happy with how cool he looked in his picture, so he sought professional help. The problem is, he turned to James Fridman!

“Make Me Look Younger”, He Asked!

It’s no secret that we like to look our best when we take pictures, and sometimes that means we want to look younger. But how young do you want to look? You better be specific, otherwise, someone might use this opportunity to poke some fun.

Hey, That Shiny Bold Spot Is in the Way!

When you take a picture with your friends, the last thing you want is someone’s bald head grabbing all the attention with that unmistakable shine. The solution? Simple, turn that head into something everyone likes. After all, everyone likes ice cream, right?

How to Add Some Tension to Every Picture!

A great photo sometimes uses tension to make it look more interesting by making it look like something is about to happen. The way we see it, this young girl got exactly what she wanted, although we have a feeling she was expecting something different.

That Stain Really Made a Difference!

If you’re drinking your very first beer, you might get a little light-headed and spill some over yourself. James completely removed the stain, although we think this 21-year-old had something else in mind…

We Want to Look like a Team!

These young lads wanted to wear the same shirt and they got exactly what they wanted, quite literally. We have to say that this looks like it would have been a very entertaining game of tennis!

Smaller Face or Bigger Chin?

All she wanted was for her boyfriend’s face to look smaller. Is that too much to ask? Yes, absolutely. James’s advice? Chin-up and learn to be more accepting of how you look because more likely than not, your original looks work the best!

Welcome to America!

Many people from all around the world want to move to America, so why not give them a preview of what it’s like? There isn’t a beach everywhere in America, especially if you live inland, but there is something else you can find practically anywhere!

Watch Your Spelling!

She tried to fool her friends into thinking she visited the Eiffel tower. The trouble is she might’ve accidently given James a wonderful opportunity to make fun of her unique way of spelling!

Hey, He IS Famous, That’s for Sure!

American celebrities are recognized all over the world, and this young fellow from India wanted nothing more than to see what he would look like if he was famous and blonde. All he forgot was to mention was who wanted to look like…

Might Be Handy in a Test

Using photoshop is a great way to find out what you’ll look like with tattoos without doing anything irreversible. But when you do ask someone to help you out, be sure to spell everything correctly, because one letter can change everything.

Thanks for Your Service!

These three high school seniors were looking for the most epic pictures to celebrate the beginning of their adult life, but one of them seemed to look like he passed out drunk… What will his fearless friends do? Carry him, of course!

Girlfriend Material

If you’re going to ask James Fridman to make your girlfriend prettier by implying that she needs better-looking arms and chin, you must be quite the catch yourself, right? James responded with his signature cynicism as he delivered the kind of justice we can all get behind!

Getting That Elusive Underwater Pic

We all want that perfect underwater picture, with our hair majestically flowing together with the water. But if you’re going to ask a photoshop artist known to twist your edit requests into an educational joke, you had to see something like this coming. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t meant to be!

Sun’s Out, Gum’s Out!

Guns aren’t the most family-friendly thing in the world and you probably don’t want them in your family photos. But sometimes, there’s an opportunity to turn something out-of-place into something hilarious. Who needs a gun when you’ve got gum? The result is probably one of the funniest family photos we’ve ever seen!

Don’t Let that Height Go to Your Head!

Puberty is awkward, isn’t it? Some of us grow faster to near adult-level height, while others take their time. This young girl wanted to be the same height as her friend. A noble cause indeed, but it came with a price. Here’s hoping she likes her new look! It does look handy…

When Your Profile Pic Is Just Too Spicy

This happens to all of us. We take a great photo for our profile pic, only to find out it might be a bit too revealing. But in this day and age, it’s hardly an issue with Photoshop magic. James came to the rescue, but we’ve got wonder if this is what this beautiful woman was aiming for.

Big Ben to the Rescue

No one wants to visit London and miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a picture with the Big Ben, right? But who’s the bigger Ben, anyway? After all, we’re talking about one of the biggest Hollywood stars of this age. It’s all a matter of perspective, anyway.

A Blast from the Past

Remember those fun games where you had to spot all the tiny differences between two similar photos? We do, and so does James. In one of his more interactive Photoshop edits, we have to say he served us an unexpected dose of fun! Are you up for the challenge?

No One Is Above the Force!

Who matters more, your boyfriend or the letter F? When it comes to Star Wars, no one, and I mean no one is above the Force! The only question is if the force will compel her to like her boyfriend’s new and compressed look.

The Real Kardashian Look

This beautiful woman wanted to look more like Kylie Jenner and explicitly asked James not to pull his signature pranks. The only problem is that she wanted the “real Kylie look” and that’s exactly what she got, on more than one front!

Miss (Nothing But) Legs

She wanted to have the best legs, and nothing else. Do these people know who they’re dealing with?! If you’ve seen the work James has previously done, even just a little bit, you must already know this is how it will end!

We All Need a Dose of Taytay

All they wanted was to take a picture with Taylor Swift. The result? Very funny, but also very realistic. Plus, the fact that we can instantly recognize Taylor Swift with only her legs visible says quite a lot!

The Only Six-Pack the Munchies Ever Gave

We get it, he was trying to look cool so he can get with the ladies. He thought a six-pack would do the trick, but James kindly reminded him that the only six-pack you can get from the munchies might not be what the ladies had in mind.

Make it Bigger, She Asked

She asked James to help her make people jealous of her big booty. Not sure she’ll make anyone jealous, but she did get what she asked for. At this point, though, we have to ask, could the Kardashian craze be getting a little out of hand?

Do You Even Chair, Bro?

What do you do when you dress up in your finest clothes? Take a picture, of course! This young fellow was looking to impress but forgot to use a chair that would match his grand sense of style. The solution? Become the chair!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Be careful what you ask James for because you’re bound to get more than you bargained for. This beautiful young lady is named Keylah, and she didn’t like the mirror messing up her photo. However, we aren’t sure if she’s going to be happy with the end result. You’ve got to appreciate that view, though.

Make Like a Tree and Leave!

Heather wanted to infuse this picture with a more youthful pose, so she thought that asking James Fridman, Photoshop extraordinaire, for help, would be the right idea. Her mistake? She accidentally used the word “in” instead of “on” (although we’re pretty sure that James would have found something funny to do, anyway!).

Not Even Close

Everyone wants a picture of them appearing to touch the top of the Eiffel Tower. Doing it with your camera is actually very simple, but if you didn’t, there’s no need to worry. James is here for the rescue! Or is he…

Keeping it Balanced

You can’t just go ahead and completely change a picture. it has to keep some balance! James really wanted to help this young lady with her request, but he had to remain true to his artistic integrity. So, all he did was move things around…

In the Eye of the Beholder

We already know James has a big dislike for using photoshop just to make yourself look pretty. To him, it’s not all about looks. This heart-warming request has shown us that even people as funny and talented as James know when it’s time to stop joking and get serious.

There’s Always a Price to Pay

Who wants to take a picture with their mom? This young girl didn’t want her mom messing this ski vacation photo-op, but James had to keep things real. If she won’t have her mom in front of the camera, then let her be behind it!

Sandy trick

The poor couple just wanted a nice picture on the beach but instead, they got a nice picture with complete a stranger

Looking for the Bushes!

We get it, we really do. You over-did your eyebrows and now you always look surprised. What’s the perfect way to fix it? Add some bush, of course! However, we aren’t exactly sure this is what she had in mind when she contacted James…

Which Cat?

We can’t say this enough, people! When you ask James for photoshop help, be sure to explain exactly what you want. Otherwise, you just might become an internet joke! Although to her credit, she probably didn’t know there’s more than one cat.

Justice Served

Want to edit someone out of the photo? At least be smart enough not to be a total tool when you ask James for help. James served this young man a healthy dose of justice, and we can’t stop laughing!

Look at the Sign!

They didn’t want that sign messing up their picture, but what would have happened if it wasn’t even there to begin with? This time, James took us to an alternate timeline and showed these young ladies that they should be thankful for the photos they DID take!

Responsibility, What’s That?

He asked for drama. He asked for something to run away from. He got it. We have to admit that the original photo was really nice, to begin with, but James really managed to strike a chord here. I think this is something we can all identify with.

No Selfie for You!

What most people don’t understand when they get in touch with James and ask for photoshop help, is that it has to make sense. You can’t just take something out of a picture, it has to remain logical!

Which Titanic?

We can’t say this enough: be specific! James Fridman is notorious for taking photoshop requests and completely twisting them around until they make you laugh, so why would you even take the chance? In any case, the end result is absolutely titanic!

For more of James’ work, you can visit him here