Perks Of Growing Your Own Food

By Shad H

According to reports, about 35% of US households grow their own food. This is a huge figure which shows the importance of growing your own food. 

If you have not jumped the bandwagon yet, here are some of the benefits to get you started:

#1 You Get To Save Money

We spend about 33% of our income on groceries each month. This equals to about $300. You can save a huge percentage of this amount by growing your own food.

Growing food will require a bit of investment but it’s worth the effort since you will get to save money in the long-run.

#2 Food Tasted Better

When you grow your own food, you will get access to fresh food which undoubtedly tastes better. This holds specifically true for fruits and vegetables as they lose their taste with time.  

#3 You Can Make Money

If you have a large garden you can grow a lot of fruits and vegetables and sell produces in the market to make a good amount of money. There is a huge demand for organic food. 

In fact, you can even sign a deal with the nearest grocery store if you find it easier and more profitable. 

#4 It’s Healthier and Safer

Eating organic food will keep you healthier and safer as you will not be digesting harmful chemicals. As a result, there will be fewer trips to the doctor and you and your family will be safe and healthy. 

Moreover, eating fresh foods can also enhance your mood and improve your appearance.