Is There Really a Toilet Paper Crisis in USA?

By Susan E March 28, 2020

If you really want to see how bad the situation is in the United States, you only need to visit any random store to see how many toilet rolls are left on the shelves. 

Toilet Rolls for Everyone!

None would be a pretty safe guess since shoppers have been panic buying across all states for the last two weeks. One of the most common and accessible items, the toilet roll is now becoming quite the shopping delicacy. 

There are people who have been hoarding what is now a lucrative commodity and it won’t be surprising to see the hoarders selling these rolls for a profit. 

But there definitely is a serious toilet paper crisis in the country. Apparently, manufacturers have been working round the clock to meet demand but there is only so much they can do in all honesty. 

For this particular industry, it is an issue. Companies are more than happy to meet consumer demands but also want to make sure that they don’t go overboard with the manufacturing process once this whole ordeal comes to an end. 

In all honestly, most of the toilet paper that has been hoarded, won’t even be used. 

A Boom for a Struggling Industry

However, the toilet paper crisis has definitely given a huge boost to the paper industry that has been in decline for over a decade, thanks to the dawn of the digital era. 

But what is more appalling is the fact that toilet paper is not really the first line of defence against the coronavirus and is still selling out. 

Clearly, humanity’s defensive mechanisms are completely all over the place at the moment.