Is Remote Working the Future?

By Taimoor T May 14, 2020

remote working

The global pandemic has forced remote working into a corner that it is slowly becoming a part of pretty much everyone’s daily life.

Remote working has come a long way from being considered something a person who couldn’t hold a job for two days to what a person can do in their extra time to how an organization can actually cut down its costs while not having to lay off people.

The last part is definitely something that is still a work in progress but in all honesty, remote working is definitely where our futures perhaps lie. In an environment where a global pandemic has pretty much initiated yet another recession of this century, companies have slowly stopped looking at terminations or furloughs as the answer.

Firing is Not the Only Option

Organizations know that laying off employees can have ramifications that go both ways. This is why a lot of companies (those of the new tomorrow) are encouraging employees to work from home while doing their best to provide them with everything they need to work optimally.

From Laying Off to Laying Low

And even though these are testing times, one has to look at the brighter side of things. A company that doesn’t necessarily generate a lot of profit and spends a significant portion of it on renting an office space, might no longer need to cut down on its workforce by letting everyone work from home.

However, it still remains to be seen if we are really seeing the evolution of remote working given the fact that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.