How to Protect Your Finances When the Economy Falls Down

By Shad H February 25, 2020

Recession is inevitable. It may take a while to arrive but it will arrive, hence it is important to be ready.

The 2008 wave of recession left many homeless, jobless, and depressed. If you want to be stronger, then you need to plan properly. Here’s what you can do to soldier through the wave:

Recession can cause people to lose weight. It is also not uncommon for startups to fail during this period. During such periods, your only option will be to fall on your savings. 

According to reports, the average person left unemployed for about six months during the downfall of 2008. On the other hand, the average period a person stays unemployed for now is only about 2 months.

You should have at least 6 months of expenditure in your emergency fund so that you can take care of bills in case you leave the job.

Insurance is an expense but it can protect you against sudden expenses, hence consider getting insurance for everything from your car to your health. 

If you cannot afford it then at least visit a doctor and know your overall health and undergo medical treatments now, if necessary so that you do not have to take care of medical bills if things go down tomorrow.

Be careful about where you invest your funds. Choose various options such as precious metals, stocks, crypto, real estate, etc. They may all lose value during the recession but diversification will still provide you some sort of protection.