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How to Maximize Your Rewards

It’s time for new financial goals. Before you get too busy enjoying with your family and friends, let’s have a look at some tips on how you can maximize your rewards.

  • Have a look at Your Current Program: If your current rewards program is not very beneficial then consider opting for one that is more advantageous.

We suggest comparing loyalty programs from time to time since they get updated every few months with new perks and benefits.

In fact, your loyalty or rewards program may not be as beneficial today as it was yesterday due to these changes. Hence, consider comparing it again and pick the option that matches well with your financial goals.

For example, if you intend to travel next year then choose a program that offers travel benefits such as free travel insurance of miles.

  • Be Clear About the Tier System: Most cards or providers have tiers depending on your spending habits. Moving up one tier may result in more benefits, i.e: 2x rewards compared to 1x rewards.

Go through the terms and conditions in detail and know what benefits each tier offers and what kind of requirements it comes with so you can quickly move to the next tier to get more benefits.

  • Know Where to Use Rewards: The Chase Travel Card offers great rewards in the form of points that can be used at selected retail outlets or airlines. If you compare, you will notice that using your points to buy tickets is the most beneficial financially, compared to spending your points to buy gifts.

Hence, always use points where you get the most benefit in terms of the dollar amount.