How to Become a Self-Taught Finance Expert

By John A

Personal finance is one subject that people shy away from due to the many technical concepts and jargon involved in the finance industry. However, you don’t need any special certification to become your own financial expert. All you need to do are the following:

Read Finance Books

A lot of financial information that was once not easy to find is now freely available on the internet.

Image Courtesy Of Ibrahim Rifath/Unsplash

Whether it’s a simple introduction or complex finance topics like spread betting and compounding, you can easily get what you need online. Start with general financial terms before zeroing in on specific financial topics. You may also invest in books that are relevant to your area of specialization.

Engage the Experts

Once you have attained some basic financial knowledge, identify one or two experts in the finance industry and build rapport with them. These are individuals who earn a living from their expertise. Attend regular seminars where they are invited to speak. As you do this, you will gain free insight about financial concepts like debt management, mortgages, estate planning just to mention a few.

Image Courtesy Of Kelly Sikkema

Listen to Radio and TV Programs

Besides the internet, several radio and television channels offer sound financial advice and training. The more you listen and watch, the more you learn. Subscribe to several programs to get varying perspectives on related topics.


The financial sector is largely influenced by technology. If you are willing to become an expert in the industry, you must commit your time and resources to the process. Take advantage of all the tools available for free. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the complexity of the whole process.