Four Best Budgeting Apps to Control Your Money

By Altaf H August 26, 2019

It’s important to grow the habit of budgeting. It will allow you to keep your expenses under control and stay away from debt. However, doing it manually can be a lot of trouble. Let’s have a look at four apps that’ll make life easier for you:

1.      Mint

The most complete free budgeting app available today, Mint is easy to use for beginners. 

Upon signing up, it presents you with a list of accounts you can keep track of including your bank and credit card accounts. 

You can also add utility bills to ensure you never miss on payments. The app will draw up your budget according to available cash and send you regular reminders regarding payments. 

2.      YNAB. (You Need a Budget)

This app takes a unique approach to budgeting. 

Rather than basing your budget on your expenses, YNAB builds your budget based on your income so that every dollar is assigned a job in your monthly budget. 

Categories include living expenses, savings, and debt payments. Having an account for each dollar spent makes you think carefully about your expenditures.

3.      Wally

More popular with millennials, Wally helps track your income and expenses and will offer a snapshot of your remaining budget. It can be effective in saving money.

4.      PocketGaurd:

As the name suggests, this app helps you guard against overspending. 

This budgeting app functions as a money minder tool and links all your accounts to a single interface. This way you will have no trouble in tracking your income and expenses.


Get your hands on these apps, available on both iOS and Android. While the basic features are free, in most cases, you may have to pay a fee to access the advanced features offered.