Flying Impacting Airlines and People are Advised to Stay Indoors

By Taimoor T

Coronavirus has really forced us to ask a lot of questions and one of those is about taking a flight when most of the airlines are struggling.

Taking a flight used to be the most straightforward thing. Just a few months ago, if you wanted to move from point A to point B, all you needed to do was go to a website, book a ticket, pack your bags, call an Uber, get your luggage checked out and then wait for the flight to take off.

Now, it seems that those who travel are either too crazy, too fearless or simply doing their job out of sheer necessity.

But hey, we all have our roles in life right?

How Safe is Flying?

Coronavirus means that flying isn’t safe for humanity any longer so most of the people have cancelled all their plans and sitting at home and watching as airline company after airline company gets ever so close to a monumental collapse.

The CDC has already updated travel warnings with many airlines either suspending operations or just diverting flights to specific airports that for now, are safe from the deadly contagion.

Health and Responsibility

But even if you are looking to take a flight to another city, you need to be responsible for your own safety. According to CDC, the risk of getting infected on a flight is low but you need to be vigilant about using hand sanitizers and washing your hands often.

Airlines are disinfecting planes on a regular basis but you also need to ensure that you clean things around you before taking your seat. And yes, that also includes rubbing an alcohol swab or two around the seatbelt.

But then again, these are unpredictable times so we would suggest you to stay home and take a flight if it is extremely necessary.