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Shad H

  • How to Protect Your Finances When the Economy Falls Down

    Recession is inevitable. It may take a while to arrive but it will arrive, hence it is important to be ready....

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  • Three Apps That Pay Money

    If you spend a lot of time using your mobile device then dedicate a few hours to these apps and you...

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  • Debt: How to Pay it On Time

    The average person in the US owes about $38,000 in debt. Sadly, most people struggle to pay off this amount. Hence,...

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  • Best long term investments to make

    When people hear of the word “Investment”, what comes to their mind is an investment that can offer safety while simultaneously...

    Personal FinanceShad HAugust 12, 2019
  • CEO Characteristics and Acquisitions

    Occupying the highest-ranked executive position is every worker’s dream. Elected by the company’s board and its shareholders. The primary responsibilities of...

    MarketsShad HAugust 5, 2019
  • Perks Of Growing Your Own Food

    According to reports, about 35% of US households grow their own food. This is a huge figure which shows the importance...

    Personal FinanceShad HJuly 25, 2019