5 Negotiation Tips For Today’s Generation

By Mary C

If you think negotiation is a skill only managers need then you need to think again. All of us negotiate on a daily basis, sometimes with our friends, sometimes when we go out to make a purchase, and sometimes with our own family members.

Negotiating is all about reaching a deal that benefits everyone involved. If you have poor negotiation skills then worry not, here are five negotiation tips for today’s generation.

1. Be Clear About What You Want

Remember that you will not get it if you do not ask for it. Hence, be very clear about your expectations.

2. Listen Silently

Make sure to give the other party a chance to talk. Be respectful and listen to their proposal.

Negotiating is not about being stringent. It’s about finding a solution that suits everyone involved. Hence, be open to discussions.

3. Prepare For It

Do your homework and know the points you’re going to make. Be clear about what you can or cannot accept so that there are no confusions when you sit down to negotiate.

4. Learn to Put Pressure

Use a variety of pressure tactics such as threatening to walk away, showing that you have alternatives, etc. The party that has the upper hand wins.

5. Control Your Body Language

Your body language should be in sync with your words. You will lose the game if you appear dazed or confused. Have a firm handshake, look in the eye, and talk with conviction.

Negotiating is a skill that requires time and patience. Continue to work hard and you will excel at it.