This Couple Were Surprised With an Unlikely News after Having Three Kids

By John A

If you meet Robert and Nia Tolbert for the first time, they seem like the regular couple out there. The future looked bright for them from the start. They got married and were blessed with a baby boy, but that was about to change.

Nia got pregnant again, which was nothing to worry about. Little did Robert know that the news he was about to receive would change his life forever.

As much as parents try to prepare for things, this was one thing a parent could never be enough prepared for.

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The Blind Date

Nia and Robert met for like a lot of couples do. They were set up by a mutual friend and the rest as they say his history. Their relationship went from casual to serious in no time. Although they had their highs and lows like regular couples, their relationship seemed to be one with purpose.

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Nia and Robert met for like a lot of couples do. They were set up by a mutual friend and the rest as they say his history. Their relationship went from casual to serious in no time. Although they had their highs and lows like regular couples, their relationship seemed to be one with purpose.

Soon enough, the years rolled by, and the two lovebirds were still an item. Everything seemed so perfect until they received life-changing news. Things would never be the same from this moment on but they were determined to make it work.

The Ideal Spouse

Nia, on the other hand, didn’t know what to think about the blind date set up by her friend. She made up her mind to go with the flow and had planned not to take anything seriously – all she wanted was to have a good time.

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Her friend had been on her neck for a while to meet a friend of his. According to her, the guy was going to sweep her off her feet which she sincerely doubted.

The men she had crossed paths with were not ready to be in a committed relationship, and she was in no rush herself.

Date Night

They agreed to meet at an upscale restaurant. When Nia walked into the restaurant, it was love at first sight for Robert. She was more beautiful than he imagined and her smile was infectious. Fingers crossed, he knew his night would be wonderful thanks to this beautiful lady.

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When Nia set her eyes on her date, she was shocked, to say the least. He was gentle, soft-spoken and courteous. He was a good listener and she loved the way he laughed at her jokes.

The best part was that he was a man with ambition. He knew what he wanted in life and he was going to get it. At this point, she didn’t mind falling in love with this man.

Falling in Love

They had several dates after their first date and in no time their relationship went from casual to serious. It wasn’t a whirlwind romance, they were deeply in love with each other. Although they had their highs and lows like regular couples, their relationship seemed to be one with a purpose.

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They were determined to make it work. They complimented each other in every way and they couldn’t stay apart for long. Their bond seemed to be unbreakable. To Robert, his prayers had been answered and he wasn’t going to take it for granted.

Start of Something New

Soon enough, the years rolled by, and the two lovebirds were still an item. Everything seemed so perfect until they received life-changing news. Things would never be the same from this moment on but they were determined to make it work.

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At first, they were scared because this was uncharted territory for both of them, they were optimistic and ready to face this new chapter of their lives together.

Tying the Knot

Shai was 3 years old when Robert and Nia decided to get married. Even though they loved each other dearly and they had a child, they knew they had to formalize their union.

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Surprisingly, a number of guests at the wedding had no idea that Nia was with the child as she walked down the aisle.

Wonderful News

Nia delivered the news to Robert that she was carrying his baby. It was their first child, and the couple felt like they had won the lottery. Robert thanked God and his friend for introducing Nia to him and setting up the blind date. He couldn’t have chosen a better woman to start a family with as Nia ticked all his boxes and more.

Robert couldn’t contain his joy that he was going to be a father and Nia couldn’t wait to start experiencing the joys of motherhood.

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They knew this was the start of something new as they were about to start a family. Even though the challenge seemed daunting, they were ready to face it together.

The couple had no idea as regards the sex of the child, but they were excited nonetheless. Little did they know they were about to get more than they bargained for.

A Huge Surprise

Nia had no complications during her pregnancy. Everything went fine and she was looking forward to when she’ll deliver the child. She had the full support of her husband and son, Shai.

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Shai, on the other hand, was very happy and he couldn’t wait to meet his new sibling. Soon enough, Nia had to go for a sonogram.

After the sonogram session, she came back home with a huge smile on her face. She had news for her husband, and she knew he was going to be pleased about it. She was carrying twins.

Identical bundles of Joy

Image courtesy of @blackqueenmother / Facebook

In 2015, the expectant mother delivered two identical twin boys. The couple named them Alexander and Riley. This makes the Tolberts a beautiful family of 5 – Robert, Nia, Shai, Riley, and Alexander.

At this point, Nia and Robert agreed it was time to put a stop to childbearing. They had 3 handsome boys who were a handful but they were grateful for their family.

One thing about life is that it contains a lot of twists and turns and a lot can happen when you least expect it.

Parents of Boys

There was no dull moment in their lives. Raising three little boys full of life and energy was never going to be easy. The boys were always active, running around like little tornadoes and up to one mischief or the other.

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The couple did a good job of handling the boys– they took each day as it came and ensured the got the right education.

They had a new lease of life, and couldn’t have wished for more. Sometimes, they get the occasional question from family and friends if they wanted more kids. Not once did they waiver in their answer, it was always NO.

Third Time’s the Charm

Several people love surprises while some don’t. Those that don’t like being prepared for any eventuality.

The surprise news Nia brought home was not one they expected. In 2017, Nia found out she was carrying another baby. Even though they had put several measures in place for such not to happen, the couple had no option than to accept their fate.

According to them, this must be God’s plan, and they were not going against it. They started making preparations for the newest member of their family. This time, they hoped for a girl but the boys wanted another boy.

Something’s Not Right

From the moment she conceived, Nia felt different. This was her third time getting pregnant, so she was used to the process by now. She knew her body so well and something told her it was different this time.

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She believed with all her heart that it would be a girl this time. She would love to have a daughter like her after being surrounded by boys for so long.

As fate would have it, her wishes came true, but not in the way she expected. She was about to be surprised again, just like the previous pregnancy.

Growing Pains

Nia was very attentive to the needs of her body. She noticed several things, and one such was her hormonal and emotional reactions. Her reactions were stronger than what she felt in her previous pregnancies.

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Her stomach grew larger than before, and it was still growing. She didn’t know if it was a good sign or not. She wanted to know if all was well with the pregnancy.

Nia felt something was wrong, so she tried to address it in her own way. She took up yoga and ate healthy foods. She also took her neonatal supplements and her vitamins just as her doctor prescribed.

Time for the Sonogram

She felt it within her that there was something completely different about the pregnancy. This made her nervous when it was time to take her sonogram. She prayed within her that nothing should be out of the ordinary.

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During an interview with WUSA9, she disclosed that she and her husband used to joke about having a very big family. The dream died after they had the twins, but their surprise didn’t end there. There was more to come for the family of five.

Two sets of Twins?

Nia mentally braced herself as the ultrasound exam was about to start. She said a word of prayer asking God to take control.

She didn’t want anything wrong with her baby. When she was done, she tried to calm herself by taking a deep breath, and then she walked in.

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Nia said that the first time they were told she would be having twins, the technician in charge of the ultrasound asked if they had a lot of twins in their family.

She was surprised when the technician asked the same question this time around. Then, she knew she was having twins again.

No Mistakes

Her suspicions were confirmed, the ultrasound technician told her she should be expecting twins. She was shocked beyond words, but she later came to terms with her reality.

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Her family was a large one already and it was about to get larger in a few months. If everything went well, they’d be a family of seven.

She was ready to leave but the technician called her back saying he wanted to do the test again to be sure he didn’t make a mistake the first time. Nia didn’t hesitate.

A Thorough Checkup Commences

This time, the ultrasound technician carried out another comprehensive test. When he was done, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, then it started. They noticed the features of one baby, then another and a third.

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It seemed unbelievable, there were three babies in Nia’s womb and not two like they had thought earlier. When it fully dawned on Nia, she couldn’t comprehend it.

According to her, it seemed like everything went out of control. She and her husband were expecting a child, now they’re facing the prospect of having three children. With time, she had to come to terms with what was about to happen to her and her family.

A Rare Occurrence

Nia wasted no time in contacting the doctor that helped her birth her first set of twins. The doctor’s name was Dr. Rami Tabbarah. The doctor explained how rare her situation is – having 1 child, then 2, then 3.

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The doctor went on to tell her that her pregnancies literally defied all odds (the odds are 1 – 1000). The chance of it happening to anybody was literally nonexistent. The doctor didn’t believe he could witness such in his lifetime and told Nia how lucky she was.

It’s All in the Genes

Although both Robert and Nia came from families that had a history of multiple births, Nia’s pregnancies were very much unlikely. Neither Robert nor Nia’s families had experienced the type of Nia’s pregnancies.

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The possibility of having multiple births becomes high if the mother is very tall, overweight, or was able to conceive via fertility treatments. It could also happen if the mother conceives while she’s still breastfeeding.

Nia was presented with a choice at the clinic where she did the ultrasound. She was alone and she wanted her husband to know what was happening.

Breaking the News

One has to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared to have triplets. This was a big deal for her and she had to let her husband know he was about to be a father of triplets too.

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A few minutes after she was done at the clinic, Nia scheduled a trip – she had to take some time off. She planned on spending the weekend at Tampa, Florida alone, without her husband and the boys.

She left a gift that could easily be found by her husband alone after she was gone. The gift was a picture of the triplet’s sonogram. She marked each child with a letter, A, B, and C. She also left 3 onesies with a note that said, “Please accept this gift from me and God.”

Passing Out

When Robert got home, he found the gift where Nia had carefully placed them. He cautiously opened the bag and saw the unusually long sonogram. Next, he saw 3 onesies that were neatly numbered.

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It didn’t take long for Robert to put the puzzle together and then he fainted. Saying he was shocked was an understatement, he went to bed without thinking twice.

In Florida, Nia couldn’t help but wonder why Robert had not called her. He must have seen her gift but she was puzzled to know why he had not called yet.

The Surprising Gift

When Robert regained consciousness, he knew things were never going to be the same again. His family of 5 was about to grow bigger by 3.

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He dialed his wife’s number, and the first thing he told her was how much he loved her. Even though he was scared of the challenges ahead, he stated that they could climb any mountain as long as they did it together.

He knew his wife would leave him a gift before embarking on her trip, but he was expecting a FitBit. For some time, he’d be talking about it and he wanted one badly. Instead, he got the news of the triplets.

Work Begins

The moment Nia arrived at Tampa for her trip with the girls, her husband’s call came in. According to her, she could feel the joy in his voice but was surprised when he told her he fainted.

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Even though the news hit him harder than expected, he hit the ground running the second he recovered. Nia disclosed that Robert had been making several adjustments and he was creating space for the new additions to their family.

Truth be told, they had a lot to do, now that the triplets were on their way.

Revealing the Babies Gender

The last thing on the Tolbert’s mind was the gender of their children. They were not prepared to have 3 kids, and now every second counts. The couple agreed not to know the gender of the kids right away, so they decided to fill each balloon with colored confetti at the gender reveal party. Each color would tell the gender of the baby, pink for a girl, blue for a boy.

Image courtesy of WUSA9 / YouTube

When they popped the first balloon, pink confetti filled the air. They were finally having a girl, it was the same thing for the second and third balloons – they were filled with pink confetti. They were having 3 girls.

Changing Dynamics

Now the Tolberts will have three handsome sons and three beautiful daughters. The gender count in the family is now even. The boys were not as thrilled as their parents because they wanted brothers.

Image courtesy of WUSA9 / YouTube

With girl triplets, the Tolberts would have three sons and three daughters, making the number of males and females in their household even.

Nia and her husband were happy to parent girls for a change. Rob loves the way the boys stick to him, and Nia couldn’t wait to train her horde. All in all, they’re putting their hopes on God and are using Pinterest to get lots of ideas.

Arriving Anytime

The due date for the triplets was on the 9th of February. But with how complicated the pregnancy is, the due date was more or less like a guideline than an actual date.
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In the middle of January, the contractions started for Nia. She had to go to the hospital when it didn’t stop. They expected to be sent home when they got to the hospital but was surprised when the doctor told them their babies were coming.

Nia was shocked and asked for Dr. Tabbarah as he wasn’t in the vicinity. Just as her water broke, the doctor entered the hall.

Boundless Joy

On the 30th of January, 2018, Nia delivered 3 beautiful baby girls through cesarean section. Nia was fine and was glad the ordeal was over.

The moment she laid her eyes on her babies and her joy knew no bounds. Even though they were born early, the three girls were in perfect health.

Image courtesy of @blackqueenmother / Facebook

From the picture above, you’ll notice two of the girls are identical, while the third is different. The identical twins were named Bailey and Zuri while the fraternal twin was called Mackenzie. Now that she’s successfully birthed the girls, Nia is now known as a 1-2-3 Mom.

Help Needed

From the look of things, it would be a tad difficult to raise 6 children alone. Luckily for the couple, they have the support of friends, neighbors and their immediate families.

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The family knew that they wouldn’t be catching much sleep for a few years, their grocery bill would increase and the house won’t be quiet most of the time. They weren’t worried, and they believed that they could weather this difficult but rewarding time together.


To make ends meet, the Tolberts decided to crowdfund on Fundly. They need funds to sort out a lot of things for their large family and, most importantly to get a big car.

Image courtesy of @totallytolbert / Facebook

The moment their story was posted on the internet, it went viral. A lot of people became interested in their lives and wanted to know if the couple planned to have more kids. They didn’t think twice before saying no.

With the number of people interested in their story, they figured out a way to get in touch with their fans.

Making Money

The couple came up with an idea; they turned their family name into a brand “Totally Tolbert.” On their Fundly Page, their brand name is conspicuously displayed there. They also talk about their relationship, love story, and their huge family.

Image courtesy of @theblackqueenmother / Instagram

With luck, they’ve raised some money from several people and the brand is growing slowly but steadily. The pregnancy took a toll on Nia’s body, but she didn’t let it weigh her down. Thankfully, she’s a wellness coach and a private yoga instructor. In 2017, she unveiled her own brand MOTHERLOVINGYOGA™.

Global Spokesperson

That’s not all, Nia is also an international spokeswoman for a nutritional additive and health company. Through Totally Tolbert, the couple tries to answer several questions from the public about the babies and their huge family.

Image courtesy of @blackqueenmother / Facebook

Through Totally Tolbert, the couple tries to answer several questions from the public about the babies and their huge family.

They also have accounts on Instagram and Facebook, where they share updates, photos, and videos of their family.


The boys used to spend a lot of time with their mother before the arrival of the triplets. The moment the girls came, they became close to their dad and were always seen with him. Nia uploaded a picture of the boys on Instagram, and she wrote a funny caption:

Image courtesy of @theblackqueenmother / Instagram

 “The Tolbert boys!!!!!! One half of the crew taking a break from the girls!! Xander with the mischief, Riley with the attitude, Shai with the cuteness, and Rob with the Dad Swag.”

Nia tracks the growth of her baby girls by taking a picture of them every week. The pictures are all shades of adorable and their fans love it.

Upping the Game

The moment the couple found out they were going to have triplets, they decided to step up to the challenge rather than let fear take control. From the look of things, they are having the fun of their lives and enjoying their parenting journey.

Image courtesy of @totallytolbert / Instagram

They are also raising their children with love, care, and strong family values. The best part is how they were able to go through their ordeal with poise and grace. Their family is absolutely amazing.